Monday, January 25, 2010

Superstitions part II

Is it the search for meaning and order
that brought us all from Mystery of; how the world and life truly operates ?
Or the need for control and power?
(Always look behind: The curtain, where an old man is whirling knobs.)
You can definitively say: I am not liking the role of 'housewife',in playing: House. Only: the comforting sounds of scraping food from metal pots.
Are liking: The role of protector and guardian with Rin Tin Tin.
Independence and interdependence.
So- not: manipulation. But, action and decision.
The seemingly wide gap between others and self. Being visible enough.
Being heard. Having a say- at least a vote!
Innocence was taken the moment your Mother told you: You are
responsible for your composure, your image: that others see in public.
And that others are watching!
Immediately you must figure out: How things work!
And: your role in this play.
Maybe that was when you realized, magic probably wouldn't work.
You weren't a member of: a Higher order. - the council of angels
that can intercede and change outcomes.
Your duty was to be a member of life's contingent; with its many
groups- beginning with family. Then School. Friends, and so on.
Unfortunately you cannot opt out. Even if you do not like the choices.
So those of us who do not like the roles proffered, must find ways to
rebel.Remove ourselves. And we did ! find another state of mind,
find another state of being!
There were several intermediate attempts at figuring out: What life
is for- REALLY. Searching through religions. Spiritual groups.
(Deciding quickly that becoming a Monk or Guru was not your role.)
But you could decide what you believed. A bit from this and
a piece from that. Did it set you apart ? more than make you a 'member'...
After almost dying- by trying to alter reality- you came back from the edge
and rearranged your priorities.You realigned yourself: in an army.
Relinquished your will, to a power greater than self.
(You might have done that earlier if the proper option were presented.)

Poetry Bus and humor

So brittle and light
You have to be quick
to reach out and grab

the dry dusty sleeve
of this flowing by,

if you dip and you sway
in a polka or waltz;

in the turn of a shoulder
miss the laugh of the day.

Yes in life out there
we need flex and pause,

some tickles of silliness,
and great big guffaws.