Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Early 55

How large? and what shape
is this decision-

elastic like bubblegum,
or firm like muscle.

More a shawl or blanket?
Hard and stackable as coins.

Sneaky,like a secret
always hidden in a pocket

or lying on a windowsill,
brought out at school bus stop

when will you wave goodbye ?


  1. Mysterious...I like it. Especially the coins.

  2. hello izzy :)
    it was a nice surprise to see a new 'face' on my blog, yours. it only makes sense to me to be curious enough to see who is behind the comment! after reading through your profile it appears that we are neck in neck...i'm also an aries who's just a tad behind you in the numbers.
    think i'll stick around for a while and see where your journey takes us...i love your writing!