Monday, July 19, 2010

" Say again?"

Tiny bits of  laughter erupting
with the antics of an animal

Cornmeal scattered over wood
with bread crusts,

reaching out a hand 
to stop a dusty brown sleeve
from passing,

the dip of a hummingbird
here and gone.

bubbles in ginger ale-

so light
and fleeting,
it hardly stands repeating

more fragile than a subzero snow flake

that is how impossibly dry
I like it

1 comment:

  1. How simply and sweetly beautiful this is. And I missed it. Thank you for visiting mine, so I would come here, and enjoy simplicity at its best. I tried to write a "dry" comment...but cannot!

    Do you know? It is the trouble--for ME--this blogging. There is s MUCH and most is so GOOD, that the common 24 hours are not enough to read, enjoy, love, and comment on each of hundreds of favorite blogs.

    I do NOT know how to deal with that.

    PEACE (anyway!)