Sunday, July 4, 2010


It began Saturday,with shavings
of dark Chocolate,
he was fascinated by the shapes
that could be achieved.
Curving castle walls
each turret spired
in a unique and
unequaled way.

He held them up
at eye level,
remembering Camelot
and many waving
colored flags and family shields.
'The children will love this!'
He set each piece
carefully down along
the white cliffs of frosting.
Four tiers !
the spiral grew
outward. Rims of
Himalayan mountains,
staggering spires in the desert
at sunset.

By Monday morning
the recipe tucked in a pocket,
he was off to school
carrying the prize
ten blocks for all to see.
First period
the cool dark benches of
Home Economics classroom,
spread in front of him like a fan.
He looked out at dozy
children settling in,
He placed mixing bowls
and gleaming spoons
across the counter
where sunlight sharply
highlighted in patches,
dazzling his spectacles.

"Good Morning !"
He opened his arms
expansively to include
bodies on the fringe,
" Today we have and exciting
opportunity before us,"
He turned to retrieve his Masterpiece,
"A chance to incorporate
Science, History, Art-"
He never got a chance to finish,
his right arm beheaded
two layers, smearing
frosting and yellow cake,
across the green chalkboard
behind his podium.

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  1. Thanks for visiting the Poetry Bus Izzy - I have scrolled through your blogs and think that this is probably your bus poem - sorry if I am wrong - but love the poem anyway.
    Welcome aboard. Don't worry about links if you enter again but give the poetry bus a mention at the beginning of your poem so that whoever is driving knows where to make the link. Hope to see you next Monday - find the subject by going to Dominic Rivron (see my blog list as I find links difficult too).