Friday, July 2, 2010


“Root ‘em and boot ‘ em out
Then go find your kid gloves.”
From the cellar to the attic
It’s been that kind of week.

“Get up off that splintery wharf
and march yourself home!”
(my hand on your neck)
“See that crow, with beady eyes ?
He can morph too- Be vigilant,
he wants you dead.”


  1. I tell you them crows, you can't trust em. My 55 here

  2. "He wants you (and me and lots of others) dead." But the one thing he does not have any more than we--is ONE DAY AT A TIME.

    Your really GOOD "55" reads that terrific warning--be vigilant. OH! Yesssss!

    NOTE: I also shall never rid myself of that imp--but I might be able to keep him locked inside! thanks for visiting steveroni.

  3. Finally found your 55...
    And an excellent one at that!
    Just a tad Dark...Love it!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a kick Ass Week-End...G